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Health and safety is our top priority. Our Safety Management System (SMS) team works constantly to identify safety and security risks in our business.

Our industry is subject to strict regulations, standards and legislation. We implement processes to ensure a safe work environment for our employees, as well as for our partners and customers. All of our operational employees receive SMS training built and taught by our SMS team.

SMS is a documented risk management process. It integrates operating systems and technical systems with the management of financial and human resources.

SMS aligns with the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR) and IATA's Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) program.


In order to promote safety, we rely on free communication of all incidents and events that could compromise operations and have established a non-punitive policy.

We believe that employees are more likely to report occurrences and cooperate in an investigation when they are guaranteed some level of immunity from disciplinary action.

If they neglect to report an incident for the sake of punitive action, management deprives themselves of important sources of safety and security information.



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We have SMS and OHS managers who ensure the effectiveness of safety and security measures:

Managers analyze event reports and preventive reports. They then take the necessary corrective measures or validate the corrective measures proposed by operations managers or employees. They ensure that there are no recurrences of events or that the potential danger is averted. They also go to the field to verify that the procedures dictated by our industry are applied to the letter.

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